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$550.00 Microblading
$600.00 Eyebrow Embroidery
$450.00 Upper Liner
$400 Lower Liner
$700.00 Both upper and lower liner in same appointment
$500.00 Lip Liner
$850.00 Full Lips
$350.00 Beatuy Mark

$1600.00Full Package (Both Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Full Lips)
$350.00-$600.00 Color correction and refresh procedures

(refresh procedures take place between 1-2 years depending on client; price depends on amount of fading and area of procedure)

Additional services to be added in the future.

IMPORTANT: For All Clients

Consulation appointment, procedure, and one touchup appointment is included in the price. A 10% deposit is require upon booking of procedure appointment.

Free touch up session within 6 to 10 weeks after the initial procedure.

20% off procedure for return clients.