About Us

I am a proffesionaly trained permanent makeup artist, trained through Biotouch Alberta. My goal is to provide women with the joy of confidence and time, by offering Permanent cosmetic services.

For all busy women who need or want to save time in the mornings by not having the hassel of a daunting morning routine. Permanent makeup is a personalized, unique way to enhance your already beautiful features. It is designed to help women who have busy schedules, vison or health conditions, or anyone who wants to enhance their features. I offer a way to look your best all of the time.

I have past training in the medical industy and know the importance of safe application practices and thourough medial safety techniques. Also being a women i know the importance of feeling confident in yourself and how it affects nearly every aspect of our lives.

I work with you to find your desired look starting at the consultaion appointment and all the way through the procedure. You choose shape, style, color; it truely is as unique as you are. A topical anesthetic is applied throughout to make all produres a pleasent and enjoyable experience. You will also recieve takehome aftercare information once the procedure is complete.

I look forwward to meeting with all of you!
Set up an appointment with me today and get a little bit of time back for yourself, while feeling confident and beautiful!